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San Anselmo Animal Hospital

In the past year, SBDC Advisor John DeGaetano assisted San Anselmo Animal Hospital with getting $399,000 SBA loan to support the relocation and expansion of the business.

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San Anselmo Animal Hospital (SAAH) strives to offer the highest quality veterinary medical care for their clients. With the help of SBDC, San Anselmo Animal hospital has received a $399,000 SBA loan and increased sales by 12% within the past year.


San Anselmo Animal Hospital emphasizes preventive medicine, compassionate care, and the gold standard in diagnostic testing to ensure the best quality of life for our patients and their owners. We approach our practice with integrity and value ethical and respectful treatment of all living creatures.

At SAAH, the staff members go out of their way to make customers feel welcome. They train their employees to offer compassionate care and to treat their patients like they would with their own pets. The ultimate goal at San Anselmo Animal hospital is to never be too busy to give a little TLC to their patients.


  • Received a $399,000 SBA loan to support the relocation and expansion of the business
  • Increased sales by 12%
  • SBDC Advisor, John DeGaetano, spent 36.35 hours helping SAAH review financials, projections, and other paperwork for the loans
  • John DeGaetano advised on expansion, hiring, cash flow, inventory review, and management of relocation
  • SAAH has hired two more part-time employees, with a total of six full-time and four part-time staff

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