For the last 40 years, SBDC has been helping entrepreneurs just like you to plan, start, restart, grow, scale, and sell their businesses. Our expertise is provided to your business pro-bono, thanks to a dedicated network of partner organizations, including SBA and CaOSBA.

When the going gets tough, we’re here for you

No one can predict the future, but we can help you prepare for it. Whether it’s planning your first startup, access to capital, human resources, compliance, marketing, accounting, or navigating a pandemic — we’re here for whatever lies ahead.

We’re an SBDC for All

We believe access to information to run a successful business should be open to all small businesses, and we’re proud to provide services to entrepreneurs in many languages.

Our workforce thrives on its diversity.
54% of the advisors are women
40% of the network are people of color
We speak many different languages


A look at the numbers

In 2021, Norcal SBDC has helped more than 20,000 Northern California-based entreprenuers take their business to the next level, with expert advising and more than $621 million in access to capital support.


new jobs created


New Taxable Revenue





All data reported by SBDC businesses.
No multipliers used, results verified annually by third-party research.
* total capital infusion includes loans and equity

We’re here when you need us.

Norcal SBDC is proud to be a vital resource to tens of thousands of businesses over the years, helping accelerate business growth—which ultimately leads to prosperous local communities.

Whether it’s planning your first startup, access to capital, human resources, compliance, marketing, accounting, or any other business need — Norcal SBDC is ready to help.

In 2021 we helped 14,000 businesses navigate their business through the pandemic and helped our clients secure $53 Million in CARES Act funding. We’re also proud to have launched the Inclusivity Project, an initiative aimed at helping underserved entrepreneurs in the Black and African American Communities.

But what we pride ourselves most on—is our team of expert advisors who are making a transformative impact in the daily lives of business owners throughout Northern California.

Our Vision

It’s our vision to see our clients become the most resilient, focused, and competitive small businesses in the market. And we will make this happen by continuing to empower a generation of entrepreneurs with a prepared, growth mindset – through transformative insights, resources, and guidance.


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