Silicon Valley SBDC

Revive therapy & aesthetics

Revive Therapy & Aesthetics specializes in helping individuals achieve optimized well-being through access to a comprehensive range of services, including: IV therapy, regenerative medicine, and aesthetics.

Revive mission is to empower people in achieving and maintaining their best possible health by providing them with personalized treatments that promote vitality and proactively manage their overall wellness.


As a first-time entrepreneur of a medical business, client Nancy Moua was facing several challenges that she needed to navigate, including getting a grant to help her business get started such as the DREAM FUND program, which had led her to seek support from the SV SBDC to develop a solid business plan that will help her business get funded at early stage.


As a result of working with the SV SBDC, client received her DREAM FUND grant of $5K, and has since put together a website and a launch plan for her business. She has partnered with a MD, and also worked through with a power partner who offered a shared space that allows her to open her business in a timely manner.


“I consider myself very lucky to have found the SV SBDC; the DREAM FUND program and the resources that they offered were incredibly beneficial. I couldn’t have imagined starting a new business without their genuine support and guidance.”

-Nancy Moua, Owner, Revive Therapy & Aesthetics