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Pale Moon Brewing Company

“I might have gotten here without the SBDC, but I would have looked like such an amateur. It helped me learn how to come off like a professional, and a lot of times that makes a big difference. You gotta learn enough buzz words to suffice in a conversation. And just practice talking about business. I think it just helped me learn to become more of a professional and present myself as a professional.”

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This is Arcata’s newest nano brewery, focusing on hand made small batch brews using only finest ingredients, served at peak freshness. During their start up phase, they are beginning with one new beer per month. They’re working on developing a brew cycle that makes the most sense for growth, but also stays consistent with their mission and vision.


The owner and brewer, Jeff, says that he knew how to make beer really well. He knew the logistics of producing a beer, but he had no idea about pricing, permitting, and running a business. His SBDC advisor kept him for undercharging his product. He appreciated the mentorship and oversight. He also found support that his idea was good and the perspective that successful businesses can start small, gave him the confidence to keep moving toward his dream. 

Jeff says, “A quality product can grow into a successful business with time, patience, and commitment to the process.”


The client attended SBDC’s Food Flight program, where he had support from the instructors and from the participants. Between the flight program and working with his advisor, he was supported through writing his business plan, pricing his product, and embracing a professional branding and marketing strategy.


The client secured the financing necessary to remodel his location and bring his dream to fruition, launching in September 2023.