Silicon Valley SBDC

NavigateIO, Inc.

NavigateIO is a hardware & software solution for real-time, visual, and infrastructure-free location intelligence that cuts the emergency mission time by 35% to 65%, thus saving lives and properties.

Coordinating emergency operations without a direct line-of-sight, such as in-door firefighting and active shooter response, takes too much time. NavigateIO was looking for help in finding a public building to test the NavigateIO solution that will be challenging and provide a realistic setting for competing in phase 3 of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) sponsored first responder tracking challenge.


NavigateIO was proud to be one of ten (10) Phase Three Award Winning teams for the FRST Challenge! The competition had more than 40 highly qualified contestants in the beginning of @FRSTChallenge. The challenge was led by the Crisis Technologies Innovation Lab in the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University, and funded by an $8 million cooperative agreement from the Public Safety Communications Research Division of @NIST. NIST is working to create life-saving solutions to identify precise location details of #firstresponders. NavigateIO was also selected to win one of the Top two “Judges Special Recognition Awards” as part of the phase 3. Total funds allocated for phase three win for NavigateIO were $48,900 , including some training funds, partner funds and travel funds for phase 4.