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L’epi D’or Bakery

“Thank you to SBDC for helping…Your guidance made things much easier than when we tried to do things on our own. We are grateful that we were able to receive the grant.”

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A family-owned bakery received coaching from the SBDC about how to monitor cash flow, keep good records, and how to remain in compliance during the COVID.

L’epi D’or Bakery opened its doors in Cupertino in 1983 and has been serving authentic Taiwanese baked goods and quick meals ever since. The bakery is family owned and run by Judy Lee and her family. A community favorite, the moon cakes are what keep people coming back for more. Judy contacted the SBDC during the COVID-19 pandemic, seeking access to capital, marketing, e-commerce, and growth strategies.

When Judy came into the SBDC, the first matter of priority was to assist her with the Cupertino Small Business Emergency Grant Program and they spent eight hours preparing her application. The SBDC continued to work with her and the family to help them navigate through the ever-changing COVID orders: how to adapt their business to comply with the orders and how to continue to run her business efficiently and effectively.  She also received coaching from the SBDC about how to keep good records and monitor her cash flow. 

Judy was able to obtain the grant of $5,000 from the City of Cupertino. The SBDC continues to assist her with finding additional funding that makes most sense to her and her business.

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