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Jamber Wine Pub

“Working with the fantastic SBDC team helped make my dream come true: their advice and support is a big part of Jamber’s success!”

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When you hear the name Jamber, music may be the first thing that comes to mind. It’s a fair but incorrect guess. Thinking more with the tummy than the brain leads to the ultimate answer. Jamber is an exciting new wine pub in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood that combines local beers and wines on tap with American comfort food. No wine or beer bottles will ever arrive at your table, contributing to Jamber’s sustainable but tasty approach to dining. Carefully selected local favorites are delivered to customers by friendly staff in Mason jars. Menu items including Parmesan & Rosemary Mashed Potater Tots, Meatloaf and Sammies (aka Sandwiches) are inspired by family recipes. Jamber’s environment is comfortable yet casual unlike traditional wine bars. It’s an accessible and affordable addition to San Francisco’s crowded restaurant scene.


Founder Jess Voss started Jamber with extensive experience in the restaurant world. Her creativity and expertise are evident to anyone who walks through Jamber’s doors from its ambiance to its menu. The primary challenge we faced was developing a marketing plan and strategy to distinguish Jamber from several popular restaurant alternatives located on the same block. We also had to develop creative ideas to make local residents and businesses aware of amber.


Jess required a cohesive marketing plan to successfully launch Jamber. This included a soft launch and grand opening strategy plus getting media coverage from local publications including Urban Daddy and Grub Street. We also identified partners to access local residents in the area and wineries such as Six Sigma whose tasty wines flow freely from Jamber’s taps.


Jamber Wine Pub successfully opened in fall 2012 and it has received great reviews. Sales are in line with projections and they were able to hire over 15 employees.

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