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“Covid impacted the business dramatically… (But) adapting to changes allows us to exhibit some of our greatest attributes like time management, poise, fortitude and versatility.”

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What does it take to be a champion? Success? Integrity? Commitment?
Solano-Napa SBDC business client Rodney Bland, owner and founder of Champion Limo Service, feels his biggest success is having his 13 year old son work with him on the job. In fact, his limo business is named after his son Champion, who is a constant source of inspiration to his father.
“Champion cleans out the interior of vehicles. He escorts guests to the vehicle, and opens the
door for them. He is efficient and committed to superior customer service.”
Rodney is proud of his son and grateful that Champion is planning to continue working in the

Champion Limo Service is a minority owned, family owned and operated luxury car service in Suisun City that was established in 2018. Rodney Bland has been a Solano-Napa SBDC business client for over a year.
The company provides limo rental, SUV, and black car service for all occasions, including
winery tours, airport transfers, wedding limo service, or limo/chauffeur services. Services also
include corporate transport and transportation to sports events, concerts and shows.
Champion Limo has two drivers and an administrative manager who handles booking,
itineraries and scheduling. The company owns a stretch limo, a Sprinter Mercedes limo, and a
Cadillac Escalade.
Rodney said he needs two more vehicles to handle new business through government procurement contracts. In addition to his work with the SBDC, he is also meeting with advisors in Northern California PTAC. All advising is available to Rodney and other small business owners at no charge.
Champion Limo serves the San Francisco area, North Bay and South Bay, Napa Valley,
Sonoma Valley, Marin, Sacramento and Solano Counties.

“Covid impacted the business dramatically,” confessed Rodney. As with most limo companies,
there is a 6 hour driving minimum. So Rodney changed the minimum to include a 2 hour drive
through for high school graduations. Students could not walk the stage at graduation, so they
had to drive through.
So the fact that the limo had the capacity for so many people, they all were renting from me. Our
competition maintained the 6 hour minimum, so they were not getting this business.”
“So the 2 hour minimum kept us going. No other limo service did this before, and still have not.”
“The clients were parents hiring a limo for their kid’s birthdays, and husbands or wives hiring for
an anniversary. It was all kinds of occasions, including graduation. The 2 hour minimum service
was shared on Instagram, and this increased our business tremendously. It was THE

Hiring employees was a challenge for Rodney. In a recent hiring cycle, Rodney had 20
applicants! He interviewed 5 and he says that making the selection was the hardest part.
Training is done “on the job,” reports Rodney, “and it is ongoing and continuous. Skilled driving
is about 60% of the job and the rest requires good people skills.”
Rodney took the applicants out and did a “ride along” and paid them. This was to observe the
applicant’s driving skills and people skills, and see how comfortable they were in dealing with
people, especially on a wine tasting tour.

“Working with the Solano-Napa SBDC has helped me understand the HR laws for hiring
employees,” explained Rodney.
“My NxLevel advisor, Carolynne Gamble, provided feedback
and analysis and has been a tremendous benefit for my continuous development and consistent
“Sandy Stelter, our NxLevel Coordinator, was off the charts because of her vast knowledge of all
businesses, and she selected guest speakers that were informative and kept us engaged. I
really appreciate Mike Basayne for his help with financials and projections.”

In working with SBDC PTAC, the company is positioning for government contracts. For
example, Champion Limo could receive annual or even 3 year contracts to do specific bookings
like driving the CA University of Berkeley basketball team from the airport to practice and to the
stadium, and back to the airport. This is because the University gets contracts through the
So what makes Champion Limo a champion?
“Adapting to changes allows us to exhibit some
of our greatest attributes like time management, poise, fortitude and versatility,” reports Rodney
with pride.
To book Champion Limo, call 707-384-8504, email: or
conveniently book via the website: