The NorCal SBDC is partnering with World Trade Center Northern California to help small and medium businesses grow sales and diversify revenue through cross-border sales and eCommerce.   

SBDC International Trade at World Trade Center Northern California

Helping businesses thrive through international trade

Why Go Global?

In today’s global, post-pandemic world, companies wanting to become stronger, more successful, and more profitable might take a serious look beyond the U.S. borders—at where 70 percent of the world’s purchasing power currently lies. Companies doing international business are more resilient and better prepared to weather economic cycles.  With the right eCommerce approach, you can stay local and sell products to virtually anywhere. Companies large and small—even start-ups from day one—can do it. It just takes the right knowledge and resources.

The Exponential Rise

Cross-border eCommerce has grown exponentially in recently years thanks to increased access to internet-enabled devices—from laptops to tablets to smartphones. These make it easy for U.S. companies to attract foreign buyers.  Other trends that have influenced this rise include:

• Consumers seeking brands or products not accessible in their home countries
• More competitive pricing on items that may not be available locally
• Growing middle class and rising overall incomes in other countries

Last year alone, cross-border eCommerce accounted for 22 percent of all eCommerce shipments, amounting to more than $3.5 trillion

Looking to go global? A World of Opportunity Awaits.

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Global Market Launchpad is an eCommerce accelerator combining self-paced online learning available 24/7, group sessions and one-on-one coaching and counseling.  Participating companies will learn all facets they need for global expansion through eCommerce, including payments, logistics, duties and taxes, compliance and regulations, legal matters, digital marketing, marketplace strategies and more.

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A few of our international trade advising areas include:

Product Quality & Market: Our experts can help you find international markets for your products, conduct industry analysis, and establish quality standards.

Negotiation: We can provide counseling on negotiating with suppliers and help develop necessary templates and formats.

Agreements: Our experts can assist in crafting effective international business agreements based on your expectations, obligations, and legal requirements.

Compliance: We can help with regulatory compliance by researching necessary codes and regulations, identifying potential risks, and referring you to experts for further assistance.

Finance: We can assist with identifying and accessing sources of capital for international sales and reducing payment risks.

Logistics: We can help with cost-benefit analyses for international logistics and recommend resource partners to support your supply chain needs.

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