Announcement Press Release

Empowering Hispanic Entrepreneurs: Norcal SBDC Launches ¡HolaSBDC! to Bridge the Support Gap

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 30, 2024 — The Northern California Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is proud to announce the launch of ¡HolaSBDC!, a groundbreaking initiative designed to empower the growing population of Hispanic entrepreneurs in Northern California. This innovative program provides a gateway to culturally customized business advising, training, and live Q&A sessions on YouTube, all delivered in Spanish, addressing a critical gap in support services.

Hispanic Entrepreneurship: Driving Economic Growth in Norcal

While Hispanics represent 39.4% of California’s population, Latino entrepreneurs own 85,000 employer businesses, constituting 11% of all employer businesses in the state as of 2020. This proportion underscores a significant underrepresentation in the business sector, considering the size and growth of the Hispanic community, which has seen an 11% increase since the last census.

¡HolaSBDC! Bridging the Gap and Fostering Growth

¡HolaSBDC! directly addresses these challenges by providing pathways to comprehensive support in Spanish:

  • Live Q&A sessions: Biweekly, interactive sessions hosted by experts address common challenges and provide real-time guidance in a familiar language. The first livestream begins Thursday, May 9 at 11 AM, with subsequent livestreams held every other Thursday at 11 AM. Entrepreneurs can submit questions for the livestreams by visiting The livestreams can also be viewed on YouTube at
  • One-on-one business advising: Experienced business advisors fluent in Spanish offer guidance on business plan development, marketing, finance, and more.
  • Culturally relevant training workshops: Workshops covering crucial business topics in Spanish equip participants with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed in today’s diverse and competitive marketplace.

Developed in collaboration with the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, a leading advocate for Hispanic businesses, ¡HolaSBDC! ensures program alignment with the community’s unique needs and aspirations.

“¡HolaSBDC! reflects our continued commitment to fostering a more inclusive business ecosystem where Hispanic entrepreneurs can thrive,” says Kristin Johnson, Executive Director for Norcal SBDC. “By removing language barriers and providing culturally relevant support, we will empower entrepreneurs to build their dreams and contribute to the economic prosperity of our communities.”

“We’re very proud to announce this exciting new program, which builds upon our commitment to supporting our Hispanic entrepreneurs throughout the region,” says Oscar Garcia, Program Director for ¡HolaSBDC!. “Our programs provide the resources and support necessary to thrive in a competitive business environment, especially important for the Hispanic business community, which faces many obstacles to growth, including language and cultural barriers. We firmly believe that equipping small businesses with the right resources and guidance will pave the way for their growth and prosperity.”

Hispanic entrepreneurs seeking to start, grow, or expand their businesses are encouraged to visit the ¡HolaSBDC! website at or contact Oscar Garcia, Program Director for ¡HolaSBDC!, at for more information.