Genevieve Rodgers

Restaurant Program Advisor

Restaurant Program

About Me:

Genevieve Rodgers, owner of PEMDAS Winery Solutions, a winery and business consulting company in the US, has over twenty years of experience in winemaking and start-up winery business consulting.

Genevieve brought her engineering background to Sonoma, California in 1997 to help start her family’s winery, Chateau Felice. She went on to manage the estate vineyard, produce award winning wine and start her own winery before adding winery business consulting to her repertoire. Genevieve has experience in all aspects of the wine business from vineyard design to sales and marketing and is an award winning winemaker with experience making wines from over a dozen grape varieties. She is fortunate to help people all over the world realize their winery business dreams.

Genevieve holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Davis, and a Masters in Business Administration from Chapman University, California, USA.

Expertise: Winemaking Winery Business Start-up