Carlos Rodriguez

Restaurant Program Advisor

Restaurant Program

About Me:

Carlos Rodriguez has been in the professional culinary industry for over thirty years and brings broad experience in consulting, analysis, design, development, and implementation of solutions and platforms across the food service industry, restaurant industry, and culinary education.

In the food service industry, Carlos has worked for multinational companies including McCormick Schilling, Nestle Latin America, Sunbeam Oster, and Applica Consumer Products. In his work with these companies, Carlos played an instrumental role in developing new products and recipes, testing both food products and cooking equipment, and launching product lines directed at Latin American and U.S. consumers. Additional responsibilities included developing recipes based on product guidelines, food styling for various media promotions and marketing purposes, and co-hosting and appearing on T.V. shows and infomercials to promote and demonstrate these products and services.

In the culinary education area, Carlos successfully opened three culinary schools in Venezuela; these schools were the first in the country to offer government approval for technical level education requirements. Carlos’ responsibilities included creating course syllabuses, textbook writing, training, and opening all schools.

In the restaurant industry, Carlos has excelled as a Chef Consultant for various Latin American- focused restaurants in countries including Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, and U.S. cities such as Miami, San Francisco, and Boston.

Expertise: Business Management Food Business Go To Market Planning Operations Permits & Licenses Restaurant Management Spanish