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“We wouldn’t have had such a good foundation if it weren’t from working with the SBDC”

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Bronwyn and Shellby are the two successful entrepreneurs behind Willow and Wolfe Salon, located in vibrant Santa Cruz. Together, the two cosmetologists are redefining the cosmetology community by offering a green, eco-conscious space that feels warm and welcoming, much like the close-knit community of Santa Cruz itself.

After working for salons for a while, Bronwyn and Shellby realized it was up to them to create an aesthetic environment suitable for growth . Filled with entrepreneurial spirit, they took the challenge to build their salon from scratch, which now is a certified green business focused on recycling and non toxic products.

Bronwyn and Shellby started their journey with the SBDC in 2018. Along with expert Keith Holtaway, they quickly identified the areas where they needed the most support. First, he helped them obtain the necessary permits and navigate the complicated process of choosing a business name. Next, Keith helped them create a  professional website that would attract new customers and set them apart from their competition.

After finding  a space to set up their salon, Bronwyn and Shellby received help going over the lease contract to ensure that they were getting a fair deal. And perhaps most importantly, the two entrepreneurs learned the ins and outs of opening a successful business, from creating a business plan to managing finances.

Bronwyn and Shellby also ran into some issues with inventory management and retail sales. In order to come up with a plan of action, financial advisor Larry Hebert guided Bronwyn and Shellby through the creation of a buying strategy and emphasized the importance of inventory turns for cash management and profitability . During the process of forecasting future orders, Larry detected some cracks in their inventory management system, which helped Bronwyn and Shellby identify the missing links they could not make sense of.

Since the beginning, Willow and Wolfe Salon has been profitable, even during COVID-19. Bronwyn and Shellby are testament to the importance and success of women-owned businesses in Santa Cruz. Now that the SBDC has given them the right tools to become more confident as business owners, Bronwyn and Shellby are sure they will be able to continue to sustainably grow their business and provide their clients with exceptional quality and personalized attention. 

“We wouldn’t have had such a good foundation if it weren’t from working with the SBDC”

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