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“When I attended my first training, it was apparent that I was in the right place and would no longer be the only person running a company. My SBDC advisor Onna Young really understood where my roadblocks were and crafted an easy plan to build my business. Beyond the successes, everyone at the SBDC was really friendly and inclusive, from start to finish.”

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Will Fuller is a member of the “American Massage Therapy Association” and has been a Certified Massage Therapist in San Francisco, since 2010. With a background in Sport Science he combines multiple massage styles with holistic principles to achieve effective, long lasting pain and tension relief. He has been successfully helping people move away from painful body symptoms and achieve active living.


In order to take client flow to the new level, Will wanted to get help to convert more clients into customers through the website.


Will attended SBDC’s workshop “Increasing Revenue Through Marketing” and signed up for one-on-one advising on the same day. Together, we worked in the following key areas of revenue production: 

  • Word-of-mouth Referrals: With an eye toward leveraging word-of-mouth referrals and increased new client flow, SBDC helped re-work his branding, look and feel of the website in order to make decision making and appointing an easier conclusion for visitors, over a confusing offerings. We worked considerably on his written communication and verbal communication in order to help the review and referral process and to tailor the conversations to the listener.
  • Branding: SBDC helped consolidate several product offerings into one, to focus the customer sales journey and web journey for maximum results.
  • Time Management: SBDC helped adjust how he schedules to allow for more time in the business. As a result, clients are able to schedule themselves for future appointments. We worked very considerably on his sales style in order to shift his outcome with clients purchasing packages and continuing to appoint over time.
  • Marketing process: SBDC helped establish a process for him to follow and refine to great effect.

Within six month, the business increased gross revenue by 33%, which is significant beyond just creating success in business. Will is very grateful for SBDC’s service.

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