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“I’m overjoyed at this service. As a new business owner attempting NOT to take a loan this allows me to spend the money I do have on bringing in clients!”

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Third Wave ABA was founded by behavioral analyst Camille Summers with the aim of redefining therapy and addressing the needs of the neurodiverse community. She considers each family member an integral part of the process, so she strives to enhance family wellness and change lives, not just behaviors.

After working in the behavioral analysis field for over 30 years, Camille decided it was time to gain autonomy and make her own clinical decisions to be able to reach children that were not receiving the care they needed. Recognizing the lack of resources for kids in the middle age range, she took it upon herself to provide affordable care, assisting those facing behavioral, social, and developmental challenges in reaching their highest potential.

Despite Camille’s determination to start her own business, she found herself struggling to figure out the steps to launch her services. Working with SBDC counselor, Keith Holtaway, provided her with the structure and organization she needed to establish her quarterly and yearly goals. Camille was also grateful for the emotional support she received from our advisors, who offered valuable advice on overcoming barriers and managing time effectively to accomplish her goals.

In addition to receiving a detailed tutorial on how to complete her business plan, Camille received help with getting the necessary licensing, choosing a fictitious name and opening a business account at a local bank. The SBDC also supplied numerous strategies and resources for successfully starting and operating her business. 

After some brainstorming, Third Wave ABA was the name Camille chose for her business, as she felt it accurately described the client-centric model for behavioral analysis she aimed to offer. When discussing  the need for an effective social media strategy and her pricing options, Keith Holtaway directed her to commercial print shops for producing her marketing materials, and presented various rate alternatives. 

In terms of social media and marketing, SBDC advisor Molly O’Kane mentored Camille on business growth and securing her first client. Upon revision of the Third Wave ABA website, Molly guided her through the wording process for her website by using AI tools in order to direct more traffic to her page. By focusing on simple language and targeting a specific group per page, along with developing an impactful landing page, Camille was able to make the right adjustments to favor a bigger clientele. 

Within a mere few months of relentless effort and commitment, Camille has accomplished many of her 2023 goals already. Not only has she formed an LLC and created her own website, but she is now actively working with multiple families to help their kids get the comprehensive care they require. After working closely with the SBDC, Camille has become sure of her entrepreneurial abilities and is excited to create library meetings where many families can get access to appropriate therapy tools, otherwise too expensive. 

Camille Summers’ ultimate goal is to foster a peer community and connect with other BCBAs in order to promote compassionate therapeutic tools that promote acceptance, mindfulness, spirituality, and personal values.Third Wave ABA is a clear example of one woman’s vision and determination. Founded single-handedly by Camille Summers, it stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to creating a business that genuinely cares for people.