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Mis Amigos Daycare

“We were profitable in 4.5 months! Gabriela Sapp from SBDC was essential to our success.”

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Mis Amigos is a daycare based in SF specializing in Spanish immersion and play-based learning!


Mis Amigos Daycare was struggling with funding prior to SBDC’s help.


SBDC was committed to Mis Amigos’ success through their outreach and planning. Advisor Gabriela Sapp was able to help organize and implement plans that helped their business grow from an inspiring idea to a working business. Mel and Kailin were also able to find organizations through SBDC that provided guidance. Through those organizations and Gabriela assistance, they were able to find funding to start their business.


Through the SBDC, Mel and Kailin were able to realize their dream of an immersive daycare and profitable business. Their business has been so successful that they must now implement a waitlist to manage the surge of clients. Not only that, but their business was able to become successful financially. Mel happily reports to us, “We were profitable in 4.5 months!”

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