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Jenni Ritchie Photography

“The SBDC has been such a huge asset to my business. I have received incredible help in areas that I have zero experience with. They have helped me to develop a business plan, and raise funding. I would not be anywhere near where I am today in my business without the help of the SBDC.”

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Mom and preschool teacher Jenni Ritchie understands what it is like to be a busy mom, which is why she started her own photography business in the hope of helping parents capture magical moments in their kids’ lives. 

From her passion for photography and desire to encapsulate very special moments with her kids, Jenni grew the need to share her talent with other parents. Although Jenni launched her business in 2021, it wasn’t until she met with our advisor Keith Holtaway, that she assembled a solid foundation, including a concrete business plan and a clear framework to accomplish her goals.  To set her business on the right path, Jenni worked on developing her objectives for 2022 and 2023 with a focus on operations and marketing. To do so, Jenni and Keith defined the services she would provide, as well as her target audience, in order to come up with a suitable marketing strategy. 

Another area Jenni received guidance in was pricing. Being new to the photography business, she had to factor in travel expenses, editing time, and recurring expenses, so it was crucial to establish a baseline price for her services. Hand in hand with pricing, Jenni also received help with documenting her expenses and determining legal requirements, like the need for licenses and a fictitious business name. 

To get additional funding, Jenni decided to apply for the Dream Fund Grant. After explaining the application process and expectations to Jenni, the SBDC provided assistance with the completion of the fund allocations and the income statement, as well as the review of formatting issues to make the application process simple and clear. 

As a result of working with the SBDC and improving her business plan, not only was Jenni granted $5,000, but she was able to establish her business as a solid brand with prices that accurately reflected her talent. She has high hopes for Jenni Ritchie Photography as she intends to use some of the funding to expand and consolidate a steady clientele in order to gain more traction.