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“When I was ready to start Goldilocks Studios, the SBCD was there to support me and give me the knowledge to do it right. I will continue to use the SBDC’s resources to help my business grow.”

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A good video is more than pretty pictures – it’s a carefully built experience that can delight, inspire, move, and connect with your audience.  At Goldilocks Studios, it’s Ian Carr’s job to tell stories not just well, but successfully. Every project has its goals – to educate, to sell, to create change – and he makes sure they are fulfilled, beautifully.


Before starting work with the SBDC, Ian didn’t know how to start the business off correctly – he was afraid of making a mistake and hurting the business before it even began. 


With SBDC marketing and accounting classes, small business workshops, and the help of SBDC Advisor, Ian Carr started Goldilocks Studios, with confidence that he was giving it the highest possible chance for success. 


Because of SBCD’s help, Goldilocks Studios has worked with eight new clients on a total of 27 different films, video, and marketing projects in the past year.

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