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“I feel so fortunate to have found and utilized the SBDC. [My advisor] has challenged me and… believed in me….and has been an astronomical part of the growth of my company and me personally.”

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It takes a lot of confidence to make and close deals. The SBDC was able to give this woman-owned business all of the tools and practice she needed to develop her deal-making muscles.

Firm Focus is a woman-owned business offering one-on-one executive coaching, strategic operations, customized workshops, and group training with the goal to increase a law firm’s productivity. Sarah Tetlow brings over 15 years of paralegal experience to her start-up, but came to the Contra Costa SBDC looking for guidance on pricing and selling her services as she struggled with confidence as a first-time business owner.

Sarah was connected with a business advisor at the SBDC who showed her a perceived pricing methodology and provided mock sales meetings to give her practice closing sales. Sarah also received guidance in creating a marketing budget for time, money, and how to project sales. She attended an SBDC training called “Sales: Converting Prospects into Customers.” 

Sarah was able to get the tools she needed to increase her confidence in her sales presentations. She invested $10,000 and launched her business in January 2019 and as of October 2020, her sales have grown five times over. This growth has afforded her a part-time assistant and a strategic partner. 

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