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“My SBDC advisor has removed obstacles and helped me to do things that I have been wanting to do for literally years. It has been an awesome experience.”

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Dr. Catie Morse, with the help of the SBDC’s operational and marketing expertise, was successfully able to take her primarily Farmer’s Market product to a broad retail and online offering.

Dr. Catie Morse was ready to expand her business from primarily a Farmer’s Market product in Marin to a broad retail and online offering. The owner of Dr. Appleseed’s Elderberry Extract knew she needed help in making a plan to expand her production and marketing to push sales. 

Dr. Morse approached the Marin SBDC and she was matched with advisor Stephanie Koehler. Together, they developed a marketing plan with a heavy focus on the use of social media. They also worked on an operational system that would allow her to manage and sustain an expected massive growth in sales.

After less than a year, Dr. Morse had increased her business nearly 600% and was able to bring on a part time employee. As an organic product and offering immune boosting benefits, her largest growth occurred as the Coronavirus pandemic crisis took hold. During that time, she was prepared and expanded into medical clinics and doctor offices. 

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