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“Having regular check-ins with Bruce has been paramount to thinking through and guiding my business; he helped me through key moments at the beginning of Creative Flow. The expertise that Molly has shared has put an educated lens on communicating with target audiences and gaining traction in the marketplace.”

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Creative Flow is the exercise for the brain and art for the soul. Creative Flow’s accessible art-making experiences help participants unwind, refuel, and connect to creativity. We serve organizations and individuals who value process-based art as a tool for well-being. With the art-making constraints and the safe creating container facilitated by Shannon Gerrity, many participants are able to access flow – a state of mindfulness that positively influences cortisol levels and increases productivity.


Creative Flow is a new concept in the marketplace. Creative Flow needed support in finding ways to educate, sell, and gain traction in the Bay Area. 


Shannon Gerrity is being coached by Bruce Jones and Molly O’Kane. Bruce Jones helped guide Shannon in thinking through the beginning steps of Creative Flow. Molly O’Kane is helping Shannon understand and strategize her marketing. Meanwhile, Shannon Gerrity continues to attend SBDC training


Creative Flow is offering art-making experiences at Salesforce Park in San Francisco every Thursday, from 5:00-6:30, until October 31. Creative Flow is a free event, sponsored by Salesforce Park, and is open to everyone. Creative Flow registered its business in January 2019. Since registering, Creative Flow has acquired three clients and a contracted $9000 in earnings by November 2019.

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