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“Since I came with CA Hispanic SBDC, there has been a partnership where we grow together. Whenever I come to them, we work together, and I am able to make wise decisions in the best interest of my business.”
Mayela Trejo, President and CEO

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Mayela came to the SBDC Programa Hispano just as she was starting her business. She was knowledgeable on her work and how to help her clients, but she needed some assistance in other aspects of the business. Including finding the right building, the right licensing, insurance, and more.

Once she started attending the workshops, she found out how difficult financing, advertising, and marketing could be. Additionally, she had a hard time defining her company; the style, and the best size, including if it would only be local or statewide. 


Mayela buscó asistencia en el Programa Hispano justo cuando apenas estaba comenzando su negocio. Ella estaba bien informada sobre su trabajo y cómo ayudar a sus clientes, pero necesitaba ayuda en otros aspectos del negocio. Incluidos encontrar el edificio correcto, las licencias correctas, seguros y más.

Una vez que comenzó a asistir a los talleres, Mayela entendió lo difícil que puede ser llevar el financiamiento, la publicidad y la mercadotecnia de un negocio. Además, le costó mucho trabajo definir su empresa; el estilo, el mejor tamaño e incluso si sería local o estatal.


Her consultant, Oscar Garcia worked hand-in-hand with Mayela to make decisions in the best interest of her business. Working together, they developed a business plan with Mayela’s ideas and Mr. Garcia’s expertise. She was instructed in how to do research to get the right information for the industry of her business.

In addition to working with consultants, Mayela enrolled more workshops in different areas such as QuickBooks, where she learned how to better manage her finances. With Mayela’s and her advisor’s dedication she was able to overcome all those challenges presented at the beginning.


Su consultor, Oscar García, trabajó de la mano con Mayela para tomar decisiones en el mejor interés de su negocio. Trabajando juntos, desarrollaron un plan de negocios con las ideas de Mayela y la experiencia del Sr. García. También recibió instrucciones específicas sobre cómo investigar para obtener información correcta para la industria de su empresa.

Además de trabajar con consultores, Mayela se inscribió a más talleres en diferentes áreas como QuickBooks, donde aprendió a manejar mejor sus finanzas. Con la dedicación de Mayela y de sus asesores, ella pudo superar todos aquellos retos que se le presentaron al principio.


By The Law Incorporated opened successfully and has been growing over the years. Even during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mayela’s business was able to operate without it being affected. By The Law Incorporated has grown form 430 squared feet to 600 squared feet since it was first opened, making it possible for Mayela to increase her revenues and create more jobs. Her business has had such a positive impact that even people from other states seek for her assistance.


“By The Law Incorporated” abrió con éxito y ha ido creciendo a lo largo del tiempo. Incluso durante la pandemia de COVID-19, el negocio de Mayela pudo operar sin verse afectado. “By The Law Incorporated” ha crecido de 430 pies cuadrados a 600 pies cuadrados desde que abrió sus puertas por primera vez, haciendo posible que Mayela aumente sus ingresos y cree más empleos. Su negocio ha tenido un impacto tan positivo que incluso personas de otros estados buscan su ayuda.

“Our business and our clientele are growing, we now have additional services, and we are not only serving the Sacramento County community anymore. We have expanded to where people from other states are reaching us because they require our services.”

-Mayela, President and CEO

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