Why Most Fail but You Won't; Crush it with Online Ads- Part 1

Why Most Fail but You Won't; Crush it with Online Ads- Part 1

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Are you running Facebook advertising, but nothing seems to work? Does it ever feel like you're just throwing ads out there and hoping that something sticks?  Compared to other PPC platforms like AdWords, Facebook can seem difficult to conquer at first.  That's because most businesses focus on the wrong things. In this class, we'll break down Facebook ads strategy, that if followed, will help you build a foundation of success. This includes:

Audiences: Where to focus and prioritize and in what order.
Ads: We'll cover ad types and what ad content your offering should be focused around.
Solutions: If your ad isn’t performing like you want, how to fix it.

Jacques Bidjima
Small Business Administration (SBA)
455 Market Street 6th Floor
San Francisco


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