Wine Service Techniques

Jun 14 1:00 pm — 4:00 pm

Event Details

The perfect introductory class for both Wineries and Restaurants! Service is much more than proficiently performing, it is an attitude and your sales will increase with mastery. Learn the roles and conduct of the tasting room host/sommelier, mis en place for service shifts, responsible alcohol service and the proper wine handling mechanics. Standard wine, Champagne, decanting and tray service will all be demonstrated by the instructor and performed by each student with an emphasis on safety. Tools, service temperatures, screw caps, wax sealed bottles and other challenging scenarios will also be discussed.

The list below are items needed for the class:
Wines Needed:

1. 1 bottle of cheap method traditionelle sparkling wine such as a Cava
2. 1 bottle of cheap cork-closed red wine for decanting practice

Equipment Needed (links for examples included):

1. Ice bucket & stand or ice bucket on a service cart or side table
2. At least 4 linen napkins/cloth restaurant guest napkins
3. Decanting cradle
4. Candle holder & candle or small puck light
5. Waiters’ corkscrew
6. At least 3 wine bottle coasters or bread plates
7. Decanter
8. Round cocktail tray 11”-18”
9. At least 3 wine glasses of any kind to practice tray work & pouring
10. Dining table with 2 chairs & 2 place settings of fork on the left and knife on the right

Pre-class setup:

1. Place your bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge 1 hour prior to class
2. Put 50/50 ice/water in bucket just prior to class or 100% ice earlier & allow to partially melt
3. Have all items above at hand prior to the start of class