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“We’re quick learners and West gave us the education we needed to begin. Also, when you’re changing your life in such a big way, it’s emotional and West was a voice of reason, which helped us to make good decisions. They kept us focused on facts.”

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After nearly 10 years of living in Fort Bragg, Jeremy and Aspen made a life-changing decision to buy the local print shop. Their vision, in combination with their ability to harness the resources available to them at the SBDC, helped them to evolve the business and earned them almost double the revenue in under two years.


Jeremy and Aspen Logan, originally from L.A., were living in Fort Bragg for nearly 10 years when they walked by a print shop that was for sale. They’d already set up a corporation to do freelance work, which Aspen was feeling was too isolating, and they knew they wanted to be in business for themselves. Ready for a new adventure, they took the leap and decided to buy the business.


As they geared up to go through the process, they started by connecting with the West Business Development Center to learn about their options. Their advisor guided them through writing a business plan, through learning about what their funding options were, and how to approach market research.


Aspen says that “There’s always something new to learn, which is where West comes into play for us, whether it is working with a specialist marketing advisor or taking a class on Instagram.” Their vision and ability to tap into the resources of SBDC have proven a successful combination: within the first two years they’d almost doubled their revenue.