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“We have benefited from consistently good advice… We’ve managed to raise $825K in equity funding, mostly from investors in the TFG / Pitch Global Network”

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About TelemeTrak, Inc.

TelemeTrak offers complete tracking systems that use kinetic energy to capture over a million times more data than competitors and deliver unparalleled services.  

AI extracts maximum value from our Big Data, and each of our trackers can handle 128+ sensors; for environmental, motion, chemical, radiation, presence, and other data; this can include detection of container doors opening, the presence of individual cargo items, drilling or cutting through a container wall, cellular or GPS jamming, and much more.

A Winning Strategy.

With a professional résumé boasting the likes of Bain and McKinsey and having successfully navigated a prior IPO, TelemeTrak’s Co-Founder& CEO Erik Eklund is no stranger to tackling serious business challenges.

As Eklund was ready to plant his next flag as founder, he sought the Tech Futures Group network to help grow and accelerate their innovative company and take it to the market. After working with TFG advisors, the business owner was able to secure two patents, with four patents pending, and raise $825,000 in equity funding, mostly from investors affiliated with the Tech Futures Group and Pitch Global Network.

This infusion of cash has allowed the business to plan for expanded growth, including additional hiring of a top-talent in-house team. Thanks to a winning strategy by TFG, TelemeTrak is also on track to close on $1M in SBIR grant funding.

Since working with TFG, Telemetrak has raised $825K in equity fundraising, mostly from investors affiliated with the Tech Futures Group and Pitch Global Network, and is on track for close to $1M in SBIR grant funding.

We have benefited from consistently good advice on both dilutive and non-dilutive fundraising, as well as business and corporate strategy (esp. approach to CVCs) from TFG’s mentors, Kaustav Chaudhuri and Axel Tillmann.

— Erik Eklund, Co-Founder & CEO, TELEMETRAK, INC